Wednesday, May 27

Alt. Pizza, Suntec City

Fact #1: The man behind Alt. Pizza is Chef Matthew White, an Extra Virgin Pizza alumnae. Oddly enough, I prefer the pizza at Alt..

Fact #2: It's funny how when lunching with my in-laws, we always turn to pizzerias because they are kid-friendly but Russell isn't a fan of pizzas - he's a pasta man.

Trivia aside, the food at Alt. is really good and how I wish they were located somewhere nearer to me because Suntec City is a bit of a b*tch to get to, and an even bigger b*tch to get around.

To kick things off, the baby spinach salad comes with pecan almond crumble, goat cheese, dried cranberries and roasted squash. It is a refreshing and likeable salad but not something you couldn't throw together on your own.

Unlike the flour-dredged batter, the calamari fritti here had a breadcrumb batter, which might seem quite dubious. Yet it was undeniably delicious - crunchy and chewy in a junk foodish kind of way. The addictive lime aioli dip on the side was double and triple-dipped, and even served as a spread when things got monotonous on the pizza front.

While I enjoyed the lingering heat from these Alt. Wings, I wished there was more meat on the bones.

Oddly enough, our favourite starter of the meal was a dish hardly covered by bloggers who had gone for invited media tastings. Frank’s Red Hot Crab & Bacon Dip, a cheesy dip made of lump crab meat, cream cheese, smoked bacon and served with slices of pizza flat bread. In a nutshell, it was a delectable hot mess! I wiped this dish clean.

Truffle Shuffle - A white sauce pizza, parmesan, mozzarella, white truffle oil, roasted mushrooms, onions, and fennel sausage. Truffle, truffle, truffle ... This pizza speaks for itself.

Alpha Lima Tango - Mozzarella, smoked cheddar, wagyu short rib meatballs, roasted onions plus a generous smear of hickory smoked bbq sauce dressed up this anything-but-ordinary meatball pie.

Philly Fanatic - Another white sauce pizza, topped with a medley of skirt steak, mozzarella, roasted mushrooms, onions, peppers and smoked cheddar. While steak is usually not something I would put on my pizza, at least it was respectably tender.

To cut the long story short (because Alt. is short for something... heh heh get it?), Alt. serves up awesome pies. Puffy chewy crusts - check. Charred blisters - check. Yummy toppings - check. A pity it's a bit of a nightmare trying to navigate Suntec City and the labyrinth carpark, but I guess that helped relieve some of the carb load from our meal.

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