Wednesday, March 11

Bites from weekend #10

After 10 (!) long years, I thought this blog deserves a new look. I hardly dare call myself a "food blogger" these days and this new look highlights the shift in my priorities. 

So yeah, ta-dah!

* * * 

Our now-regular mother-son fortnight breakfast date with my Firstborn. Earlier this year, KW and I introduced a new tradition where one of us would take turns every alternate Saturday morning and take the Munckin (and eventually, the pea dumpling) out for breakfast as part of bonding.

It was an impromptu decision to have coffee - milo for the Munchkin - and toast at the hawker centre and I am still in awe of how cheap the meal was. Eggs, toasts, and two drinks for $3.50!?

A little workout in the sun after breakfast. #ChildhoodDays

As for the little one, he is no longer a pea but a dumpling. A dumpling with tubby thighs.

In a bid to get Russell interested in Mandarin again, I decided to look for some Chinese nursery rhyme videos. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find (free) videos of Chinese nursery rhymes that won't make you cringe? After subject my eyes and ears to a plethora of disturbingly awful videos, I finally found a bunch that I could sit through.

Homemade prawn noodles for Sunday lunch at my parents place. Yup, I didn't bother with photos thereafter. 

And this photo of the brothers together (their first!) tops the weekend. I just love this photo!

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