Friday, March 13

Friday 13th finds

Must read //

Female Company President apologies to all the mothers she has worked with. Very good article. I refuse to believe women bosses are hellish to work for but this article poses a good self-check if you are a female boss.

Parenting Advice: Don’t Kill Them. Yes, there are moments when I fantasise about being *cough* kids-less.

Must make //

Cookie Butter Cheesecake. I have ordered cookie butter from Trader Joe's and my in-laws will be brining them back from the States soon. Woot~

Still thinking about my salad from Baker & Cook. This salad looks simple enough. The real questions is, will canned beets taste as good as fresh beets (which are so difficult to find)? Can anyone enlighten? 

Must visit //

The Working Capital - a new co-working space with pop-up rooms and a cafe.

Just by being in Paris, I am sure this J Crew outlet is alot cooler than the rest.


Anonymous said...

Actually there are always fresh beets at the supermarkets/west markets!

Anonymous said...

Exactly! NTUC and Cold Storage has fresh beets too! Do you not do marketing??

yixiao said...

Whoa how could I have missed out on them on my daily rounds? Thanks!

Michelle said...

hey fyi there's cookie butter (diff brands) avail at candy empire!

Michelle said...

oh ya and i love ur new blog look! :)

yixiao said...

Thanks Michelle! I know they have Lotus spread here but it is so overpriced in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Try the wet market. Amazing and fresh variety of vegetables! I get my beets from a wet market at bedok!