Monday, March 9

Seconds at Baker & Cook

Back in April last year when S first told me she was pregnant, I was super happy for her for I knew how much she wanted children and that she would make a great mother. I also not-so-subtly told her how envious I was and to my surprise, she replied, "Don't worry, I will pray for you." I felt incredibly heartened that she extended her faith towards a non-believer like myself and I knew she was friend for keeps. 

Fast forward to 2015, the new mothers met up at Baker & Cook, where we shared horror stories of newborns and MILs over salads and savoury pastries, claiming back a slice of sanity during these frantic first few months. 

I had a Moroccan lamb roll, which was pretty good. As much as I would like to elaborate more the roll, truth is I was more preoccupied with the conversation to take note. The carrots, beets and edamame was really good in a yay-I-am-eating-healthy kind of way. One of these days, I would love to try making a beet salad. 

Feeling peckish, I had a slice of sour cherry pie. Slightly bigger than my palm, it had the right amount of tartness to offset the butter crusts. 

It sure felt awesome to catch up with a new-ish friend who feels like you have known her for a very long time. Maybe one day, we will be brave enough to take out our little ones like those Japanese mothers who sat beside us. *kowtow*

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