Monday, February 9

Bites from weekend #6

Chubby wubbs. At his one month check-up, we found out the pea gained a whopping 1.5kg since birth! Aim to get those Michelin thighs in by Chinese New Year. 

Speaking of Chinese New Year, the festive spirit came early with the arrival of MY FAVOURITE BUTTER COOKIES made by my aunt! Yeap, those that I rave about each and every year.

Fatty fish fix at Sushi Tei Paragon. We visit so often, one of the service staff thinks we have a regular favourite table. Thanks, we will take it!

Locally made and not-at-hipster findings at D'Kranji Farm Fair. Got a lip balm that is made with natural ingredients such as sweet almond, coconut oil and mango butter etc. Sounds and tastes incredibly yummy. 

Family lunch at Sumiya. This time round, I had the salmon, ikura and tobiko don which was purrrfect since I'm pretty much a salmon nut. Yes, that's the Munckin going in for the ikura.

Desserts at Dean & Deluca. Maybe I went with really really low expectations so I thought these baked good were pretty yummy.

Attending Keith and Lisa's wedding. Great chance to catch up with old friends. 

The LBD. Of course, I had many WTF moments since most of my dresses don't fit. Thankfully, going down the LBD route saved me from panic attacks.

Playing dress-up. You have no idea (ok, maybe some of you do) how good it feels to have a legit reason to get all dressed up one-month postpartum. Once again, many thanks to May for working some magic into my hair. Loved my do' for the night.


Bern said...

LOVE the hair!! u look like u haven't gained an ounce!!

yixiao said...

You are too kind. I still can't fit into most of my dresses :(

sooks said...

ooooooohhh... love the brooch!

yixiao said...

I love it too! A simple accessory that gives life to any LBD :)