Wednesday, February 11

Dean & Deluca, Orchard Central

Dean & Deluca arrived in Singapore to much fanfare but today, you can easily grab a table during the scandalously-busy brunch hour on a weekend.

There were quite a few sweet options available on the menu and display cabinet but I was after something simple.

The raspberry tart here cuts a pale figure, compared to the glossy rubies that sparkle from the display cabinets of some patisseries. For $8, it was a pricey treat. Unadorned raspberries sat neatly on top of some light vanilla cream and a thinnish shortbread tart shell. KW commented about the lack of richness one so usually finds in a sugar-glazed fruit custard tart; while I agree, this wasn't entirely bad. 

The zesty, flavour-packed lemon pound cake agreed with my tastebuds for I so love lemony desserts. Though there are other prettier and more fanciful desserts, I would not hesitate to get this unassuming slice again. Points deducted for cringingly sweet icing though. 

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