Friday, February 6

Jara Petit Cheesecups for Lucas' First Month

When Russell turned a month old, we gave out mini lava cakes from Smoulder. This time round, we handed out mini cheesecups from Jara Petit for Lucas' month old debut. 

Jara Petit is owned by a friend's sister and we first tried her cheesecups at one of our monthly cook-outs before they even formally launched. We decided to support the budding entrepreneurs and we ordered different packages for different folks like parents, extended family, colleagues yada yada.

The set above - Package C - was for my parents, and it comes with a couple of red eggs, ang ku kuehs and five cheesecups. I love the mix of modern and traditional, and the girls did a really good job with the announcement cards and cupcake toppers. 

The cheesecups themselves were really light and lovely. My younger sister and I polished off all five cheesecups in one sitting - much to my mum's horror. A pucker-up sucker for citrus flavour, I loved the lemon meringue, followed by the original and strawberry; my sister loved the banoffee flavour while I am not keen on banana-flavoured things in general. 

This, accompanied by a box of delicious homemade glutinous rice and more ang ku kuehs from Poh Cheu Confectionery, rounded up the simple and sweet occasion.

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