Saturday, January 10

The Clifford Pier, The Fullerton Bay Hotel

The last restaurant I visited in 2014 was The Clifford Pier at The Fullerton Bay Hotel. It was chosen primarily out of convenience for my brother-in-law, who was working around that area; I absolutely love the ambience of The Fullerton Bay Hotel and the menu looked decent. 

True enough, the decor of the place (that used to be One on the Bund) was lovely in a I-wish-I-could-hold-my-wedding-dinner-here way. Naturally, KW didn't share my enthusiasm. 

The menu was pretty neat and concise, divided betweenn ATAS hawker food such as nasi goreng and laksa with lobster, as well as Western favourites such as fish and chips and vongole (that my sister and brother-in-law opted for).

There were outliers such as the Uni Glass Noodle, a toss-up of vermicelli glass noodles, uni, ikura, salted egg and in lime truffle sauce. An aromatic and light starter that warrants repeated orders.

We ordered The Pier Lobster Roll for Russell and ended up sharing it for he was preoccupied with the  very addictive truffle shoestring fries. Fresh lobster chunks lightly dressed in mayo and cocooned in a soft buttered hotdog bun - can't go wrong, I say.

Craving for unadultered meat, I opted for the Wagyu Hanger Steak. While nicely done medium-rare, it had a rather unfortunate heavy drizzle of balsamic soy glaze that robbed the Wagyu much of its beefiness.

KW's choice of The Pier Burger satiated with handchopped Wagyu beef brisket topped with blue cheese and greens.

The desserts were order out of necessity as we had a toddler, who was getting impatient. I am sure you could go somewhere else for a more gratifying end to your meal.

Both the key lime pie and carrot cake had both been sitting in the chiller for too long, erasing any homemade loveliness that they might have once had.

Frankly, I don't think anyone comes for the food alone and the service was rather slow; yet going by the sum of all things... intermittent a cappella performances, decent food and amazing ambience, it was an incredibly lovely occasion.

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