Monday, December 8

Lifehacker tip for dinner - Salad Bar Pasta

I get it.

1. It's Monday - who the heck wants to return from a long day at work only to face the chore of making dinner and doing the dishes?

2. Sure, Singapore is blessed with coffee shops and food courts, but after an indulgent weekend, the last thing we need in our systems in some MSG-laden dish.

3. Hey, Presto Pasta to the rescue! But when you are cooking for one or two, why would you need a whole bag of spinach, an entire block or cheese, a hunk of chicken and a bottle of sundried tomatoes - only to leave them languishing in the refrigerator afterwards?

Enter the Lifehacker tip for quick pasta dinners - the Salad Bar Pasta.

  1. Head straight to the most convenient Cold Storage that has a salad bar. 
  2. Pick your toppings to go with baby spinach, sans dressing - I like black pepper chicken, sundered tomatoes and feta cheese.
  3. Pay for the salad.
  4. Cook up your pasta (assuming you already have some at home) according to the way you want it.
  5. Enjoy your ingenious creation and lap up the praise.  
Hope this lessens the Monday Blues!

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