Friday, December 5

Cicheti, Kandahar Street

The F&B scene in Singapore is undeniably cut-throat. Yet even with restaurants and cafes popping up like wild mushrooms after a heavy downpour, I find it challenging to find restaurants that are formal enough to get dressed up for yet casual enough to bring a two-plus year old along. And perhaps that is why I am thankful for places such as Cicheti, an Italian restaurant located along Kandahar Street.

The spin is traditional Italian with a modern twist, the look spots an artsy industrial-chic vibe. As a diner, it really comes down to delicious and accessible Italian food with a vibe befitting of a special occasion. 

What I liked: A tight but well-curated menu that teases rather than confuses.

What I would order two portions of: Crispy deep-fried calamari, homemade breading and a slightly spicy aioli.

The Munckin approves as well

Going in for more dip

What I would happily trade cold cuts for: Smoky, charred jumbo asparagus, topped with some crunch and evoo.

What I would gladly suffer a gluten intolerance for: The Bismark, topped with fior de latte mozzarella cheese; parmesan, ham, mushrooms and a gratifying soft runny egg. KW prefers the pizza from L'Operetta and we just realised the chef was formerly from there.

What I was wrong about: I initially thought, "Seafood soup... Meh" but the Ciopino was remarkably flavourful and blessed with perfectly-cooked seafood.

What I would return for again and again: Handmade squid ink tagliatelle tossed in a chunky crab-riddled tomato sauce, topped with squid and crispy kale chips.

What I liked and think my dad would love: A delectably fresh grilled branzino, accompanied by grilled lemons, leeks and onions.

Awesome food and great hospitable service, I will be back, Cicheti.

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