Wednesday, December 10

Xmas gifting wish list

I am usually not one big on birthday or Christmas presents, and "Receiving Gifts" is definitely not my top love language. However, I have come across any online shops offering knick-knacks and good-to-haves (versus must-haves) that are incredibly tempting - especially those from online local shops that offer free or extremely affordable shipping.

Here is my take on better gifting this year (well, to me, at least HAHA):
1. A lovely silk cotton printed scarf by Matter Prints
2. Get Shit Done Notebooks from Naiise that appeal to my 12-year-old sense of humour
3. A pretty side table for god-knows-what from Tinge
4. Tongue-in-cheek Luncheon meat print also from Naiise
5. Watering cans from Poketo, which I might use as a glorified teapot
6. Uma by COMO... Or a beach holiday with my two little ones next year =)

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