Tuesday, December 30

Hawker grub from Tangs Market

You would think that between Christmas and New Year Eve, we should be face-diving our noses into salads and juice cleansers. Maybe, someday but not today.

We shared a marvellously delicious plate of oyster omelette from Jia Jia Penang Lor Selamat Fried Oyster Omelette. Smoky eggy bits interlaced with gooey starchy bits, deviliously backed up with a tangy chilli sauce. A greasebomb but flavor dynamite, I got to say this dish alone is worth a trip to the cardiologist's in time to come.

While waiting for our oyster omelette, we lapped up some fishball noodles from 85 Redhill Teochew Fishball Noodle. Mee pok's the man's thing, while I'm all about kway teow. Satisfying bouncy, the fishballs were the kind of ornaments you want around you during lunch time, but the kicker for me was the slippery kway teow noodles that had been coated in a sweet-spicy ketchup-chili sauce.

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