Monday, December 29

Da Paolo Pizza Bar, Chip Bee Gardens

An impromptu trip down to Da Paolo Pizza Bar proved to be a good decision. One of the pizzeria stalwarts in town, we had a lovely time away from the festive hoopla and crowds. 

Of course, we had to order calamari fritters - both the Munckin and I can chug down buckets of it. Unfortunately, this calamari's batter turned soggy really quickly. Tasty spicy mayonnaise dip. 

I love the Monti, which features generous slabs of smoked salmon, mushrooms and basil pesto. You can put smoked salmon on most things and I would be a happy camper. 

After lunch, we took a walk to nearby Monocle Cafe for a look-see. 

And Russell scores a Monocle chocolate as it is obvious he is more hip than his parents. 

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