Friday, November 7

Toto from Pizzaria Operetta, Icon Village

Pizzaria Operetta is an example of how "sexy sells," especially in our F&B industry.

Certificates aside, the pizza is legit. More so than Pizzeria Mozza and Extra Virgin. Yet every time I visit (which is not very often I'll admit since I'm spoilt by homemade grilled pizza at home), the place is barely half-filled.

Maybe it's because it's not housed in some ex-hardware-shop shophouse or expat-grazing estate but in a sterile mixed development building. Or that there isn't a media-darling chef who could front the news pages. Whatever the reason may be, I hope they survive long enough to last past the rage of hipster cafes.

We had a light lunch that day and though I like my pizza less top heavy, I went along with KW's choice of Toto.

I loved most of the likeable ingredients that blanketed the puffy and chewy dough; the only thing that didn't work for me was the ricotta cheese that resulted in a wet finish.

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