Wednesday, November 5

Team Offsite Part 2 - Cookery Magic

Part 2 of our team offsite took place at Cookery Magic, a bohemian eclectic cooking school slash home along Fidelio Street. Under the watchful eyes of self-proclaimed Food Sorceress Ruqxana Vasanwala, we made bruschetta, pesto with handmade pasta and tiramisu. 

These dishes turned out to be super duper incredibly easy to make. I am just waiting to try them out for home parties one day. 

Fresh as a summer's sprinkle, bruschettas are the perfect starter for our ridiculous humid and hazy weather. 

Some might argue fresh pasta isn't always better but freshly made pasta is definitely 100x better than what you get from the supermarket. 

Oh tiramisu, how I love thee! We got to make a non-alcoholic version which was wonderful. Never ordering another tiramisu at a restaurant again.


Bern said...

such a cool activity for team building!! would u happen to know the costing?? am thinking of proposing this to the boss...hee!!

yixiao said...

It's around $100-120 per pax, I heard.