Monday, November 3

Team Offsite Part 1 - Bollywood Veggies, Kranji Countryside

I have always been a city girl. My idea of hanging out in the farm includes picking strawberries in Japan in Spring, will the cool breeze rustling through my hair. Not in Singapore. Not under our God-forsaken humidity. 

But I guess there is a first time for everything. For our company offsite, one of our directors planned a visit to Bollywood Veggies at Kranji Countryside. I am slightly embarrassed that it took an expat to show some of us locals the nether, or never-been-there, regions of Singapore.

Le Lapin was filled was trepidation as well

Doesn't the Warrior Platter look beautiful? It comprises of Warrior's Favourites such as chicken curry, Assam fish, tofu with Salted egg and a melange of veggies. 

Crunchy and fritter-ly crisp, I could not stop picking at the Moringa Tempura! Yes, seconds please. 

A few other dishes made it to our table of 9 including the oath omelette, smabal okra and more tofu with salted egg. 

It was a great start to the morning and took a while to get me out of the air-conditioned cafe.

After the meal, we had to commence with a farm tour as that was technically what we were here for. 

I believe my eyesight improved tremendously after this tour.

Luckily, the very interesting tour and potting activity lasted about 30mins. And we were back in the cafe for a much much much needed break from the sweltering heat with some iced fig tea and banana cake. 

And I got a hunky-dory slice of banana cake to savour on the way out. 

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Bern said...

loved the 'ants crossing' cheeky!!