Friday, October 31

Sunday Folks, Chip Bee Gardens

When WZ asked me what plans I had for the weekend, I replied, "Huh, it's only Wednesday."

"But it's your anniversary weekend..." She chided.

"My wedding anniversary .... is holy crap TODAY!"

Wow, I never thought I would be someone who would forget my wedding anniversary but as my elder sister consoled,"It's a good thing, it shows you have other priorities in life." True that. I'm not going to waste my time wondering what surprises my other half has installed for me.

Ice cream and waffles on the other hand. Well yes, I do.

KW suggested checking out Sunday Folks due a missed opportunity the last time round. On a Wednesday evening, the place was absolutely buzzing with people and mainly due to poor sound acoustics. Your noise-canceling earphones don't stand a chance here. When we left just after 8pm, there was a line of Millennials camping outside the dessert cafe. But it was close to my bedtime so I couldn't hang out with them.

The hipster barometer is close to hitting its peak.

I kid, I kid. Can Sunday Folks do any wrong? Not if they get their waffles right. Established by the folks behind Creamier, the famed waffles have an ardent following and the allure is not lost of us. Thick, toasty and absolutely gratifying, the waffles were pretty darn good. Amen to that.

We had the Sea Salt Gula Melaka soft alongside our waffles and the soft serve was pleasantly creamy. What I loved was the ingenious chocolate wafer that prevented the waffles from becoming - God-forbid - soggy. But four toasted marshmallows for $1.90. Sigh, food costs sure has skyrocketed.

Though I had to shout to get myself heard (doesn't happen at home, I promise), I wouldn't rule out another visit though off-peak hours would be de riguer for me.

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Bern said...

welcome to the we-totally-forgot-our-wedding-anniversary-but-no-one-noticed-anyway club!