Wednesday, February 21

Lunar New Year Day 2 // Still All About Family


I love how festive and lively this Chinese New Year feels. A large part of it was due to the return of my brother-in-law's family. I come from a super big family with dozens of cousins so Chinese New Year chaos is not new to me. KW's family is a lot smaller and civilised / sane / proper so it doesn't have the same atmosphere. However, with 4 kids under six under one roof, I can honestly say there is never a dull moment. I don't think my in-laws ever expected or experienced this level of noise (they love it, of course) and KW remarked, "It actually feels like your side of the family."


On the second day of CNY, we had family come over for dinner and given how we have all been feasting and snacking, KW and I kept things (relatively) light. KW made crab cakes while I whipped up a soba edamame salad and steamed clams in a buttery garlicky broth (February's Dish of the Month (DTOM).

Great fooding with family, it's hard to beat this.


kutebichon said...

Love your cny dresses. Please tag!

yixiao said...

Zara and Saturday Club!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yi Xiao,

I really enjoy reading your blog.
Can you please share the recipe for Soba Edamame Salad?

yixiao said...

Sure thing!