Monday, October 20

Mister Bossam, Seoul

It's rare that all of our major meals (lunch and dinner) are local food. In Bangkok, we sought relief from Four Seasons Duck Rice and Zen Japanese; in Tokyo, we had burgers and pizzas; but all of places, we managed to do Korean for lunch and dinners in Seoul. I solely attribute this to pregnancy-whacked tastebuds that crave for spicy and savoury.

After having our fair share of carbs and stews, we decided to seek out meat. One of our stops was Mister Bossam, a basement restaurant that specialised in Bossam (steamed pork belly).

There was a self service bar which you could help yourself to mixed grain rice and other side dishes. I was surprised by how much Russell loved the marinated seaweed and unpictured mixed grain rice.

Quite frankly, the pale-looking steamed meat didn't inspire much confidence but this was a classic tale of don't judge the book yada yada. It was incredibly tasty and tender backed up by a depth of smokiness. The accompanying sauces - garlic and gochujang - prevented things from getting monotonous.

It seems as if every table receives a complimentary bibim naengmyeon. To be honest, I wouldn't have ordered it, given my aversion towards cold noodle dishes, but I am glad I got to try it because this single-handedly became one of my favourite discoveries on the trip. Every bite of bibim naengmyeon posed a zesty and refreshing kick to the otherwise meaty meal.

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Bern said...

and that's exactly why the husband ate spicy cold noodles every day for a week when we were there!! :)