Thursday, October 9

Seoul - 2014 edition

Ever since I visited Seoul with my sister back in 2009, I keep going on about how much I love that city and how I would like to head back soon. Well, it took me five years to make that return trip and I guess given that time lapse, it only made the trip much sweeter.

This time round, I went with my two boys, well, three if you consider the bun in my belly. Of course, it wasn’t peaches and cream along the way. We took a red-eye flight, which resulted in 3 tired souls (including 2 cranky ones) on our first day alone. Plus the drizzle didn’t exactly warm things up. However, I kept telling myself, I will only remember the good times… I will only remember the good times.

And it’s true! I would not give up these times for anything. I know this might sound weird, considering he is only 25 months old but nowadays, Russell is developing at a bewilderingly quick pace and I really feel the need to just immerse myself in his company before I become too uncool to hang out with him.

Ok, thank you for allowing me to indulge in such melodrama. More pictures of yes, FOOD to come soon.


Michelle said...

omg are u still there now? ENJOY ur trip!!! just finished my vacation a week ago and im missing seoul already...

yixiao said...

I'm back and I miss Seoul too!