Friday, October 10

Paris Baguette, Seoul

It's funny how we always end up ending a cafe or bakery to fall back on for breakfast or a quick pick-me-up. In Seoul, the omnipresent Paris Baguette became our default cafe, I guess partly due to the yummy sandwiches we had while waiting for our ride to our accommodation. 

The seal of goodwill was stamped in desparate critical times (think cranky pregnant woman and energetic toddler). A cranberry chicken sandwich, and ham and egg sandwich served its purpose well, plus the coffee wasn't half bad. 

The next day when I asked Russell what he wanted for breakfast, he said, "Kaya toast." For a minute, I was stumped, Er like, how was I supposed to find kaya toast or something remotely close in Seoul. But it seemed like demi-divine intervention that Paris Baguette had kaya and jam toasties. So weird. 

It didn't taste 100% like our local pick-me-up but it was good enough for the fussy one.

Craving for something savoury for second breakfast, I decided to share a toasted egg and ham muffin sandwich with the Mister. What can I say, it's simple, comforting and tasty. It isn't gourmet but I am easy to please.

I probably won't head back to our Singapore outlet anytime soon but in Seoul, we will always have Paris Baguette.


Michelle said...

there's actually yakun toast at ewha university subway station! i saw it during my recent trip. exit 2/3. :)

yixiao said...

Seriously? Haha!