Monday, September 15

The Sushi Bar, Far East Plaza

The Sushi Bar at Far East Plaza is one of those places whose reputation precedes its name (the other I can think of would be Teppei). Everyone keeps harping on the horrendous queues and even my elder sister was a victim of it on at least two occasions. Thankfully, Zee and Diana were more than game to queue up 20 minutes before the restaurant opened and after the restaurant opened, I never saw a queue form that Saturday lunch hour.

The Salmon Aburi Sushi is a must-order at The Sushi Bar; not ordering it would be akin to visiting Paris and bypassing the Louvre. It was really good but then again, you can''t really go wrong with aburi sushi. I guess I expected more pizzazz, given all the hype. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Was I blown away? Not at all.

Zee also mentioned the rolls seemed smaller, compared to when they were at their previous outlet. I am quite sure I would rather visit Sushi Tei the next time I need an aburi fix.

We initially thought one roll would be enough but hunger/greed got the better of us and we had an additional California Roll. Again, extremely pleasing but not something I would queue up for. 

My elder raved about this dish, Scallop Mentaiyaki, scallop carpaccio dressed lightly in soy sauce and drizzled with mentaiko mayonnaise. It was nice (ugh, I hate using this word) but I don't think I would give this dish a special shout-out anytime soon.

What really made me sit up (and scrape the dish clean) was the Pitan Tofu. I have had this at other Japanese restaurants but this was particularly yummy and the textural contrast between crab strips, diced century egg, century egg paste and tofu was moreishly pronounced.

The Inaniwa Udon and Salmon Belly Yaki were both pleasant but not particularly exciting.

My verdict on The Sushi Bar: Tasty? Yes. Overhyped? Definitely.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, it's overhyped. The food is decent but not worth queueing up for. Both Teppei and the Sushi Bar have dropped standards a lot already.