Friday, September 12

Celebrating Dad's birthday at Sushi Kuu, Palais Renaissance

Bet you can't tell from these pictures but my dad turns 65 today! 

Last Sunday, my elder sister and I treated the family to lunch at my current favourite higher-end restaurant, Sushi Kuu at Palais Renaissance. I usually hate getting gushy but this meal was exceptionally heartfelt as I'm a real chip off this old block and you can't imagine how indebted I feel towards my parents. 

Not a lot of food pictures to show for but it was a meal that my family thoroughly enjoyed and my indulgent chirashi was seriously fresh and hence, awesome. After the meal, I spent a good hour Googling chirashis in Singapore. Story of my life. 

My dad's barachirashi looked (and I am told tasted) amazing! I am looking for a good reason to head back soon to try the barachirashi he had (hint: wedding anniversary is a month away).  

And Russell shocks my dad with his appetite for cake

The Munckin and his mysterious minder

Speaking of the Munckin, my dad not-too-long-ago gave me a bit of advice on parenting and fortuitously, I can feel it beginning to take effect. I don’t think he ever intended it to have such a profound influence on my life but I will be forever grateful for his advice.

Thanks dad =)

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