Monday, September 1

Our weekend at Point Yamu, Phuket

Last weekend, we spent an amazing weekend in Phuket, as part of Chris and Julie's destination wedding getaway. Since Chris works at COMO, the wedding was held at Point Yamu, which would be officially launched later this year. Now you know I'm not a sun-sea-and-sand person so naturally resorts and villas are not my usual cup of tea; however, this trip was so relaxing, I absolutely can't wait to scratch that beach-bum resort itch soon.

First time in his own seat, the Munckin didn't like being strapped to his seat but it was a good learning experience for him (HA!).

The resort was ahhhh-mazing! As soon as I stepped in, I knew it would be difficult to leave.

Our refreshing welcome drink - butterfly pea and honey iced tea

Hello, do you know the way to the pool?

I loved the juxtaposition of quirky eclectic interiors against the grey industrial architecture. A breather from your average Balinese or Thai resort style.

I even wanted to take their stationary home... 

Even the bathroom was incredible (loved the rain shower) and I was impressed they even prepared a set of baby toiletries for us.

Says alot that my wardrobe selection matched their tiles.

Munckin must have eaten a dozen rambutans throughout our stay. Not advisable. 

More pictures to come, I promise. The food - so incredible! Oh and the wedding - too beautiful!


Lisa said...

Lovely resort indeed.

Anonymous said...

The place looks good! How much did u pay?

yixiao said...

A basic room would cost about $350.