Saturday, August 23

Some thoughts about home entertaining

The image below is symbolic of how I feel towards home entertaining these days. I don't need to prepare a dozen dishes and I certainly don't need anyone to tell me how much they liked the starter, main, second main, dessert and ice cream that I prepared. After all if they are your real friends, you shouldn't feel the need to impress them. 

When Charlene and Nadia came by for lunch, I decided to try making laksa from scratch Prima Taste.  On hindsight, buying back four packs of laksa would have been more cost-efficient but this was super fun and almost fulfilling. For dessert, we broke into a jar of ridiculously moreish pineapple tarts that Charlene brought over and some Toblerone that I had in the fridge.

To friends who don't need the fuss.

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Bern said...

hear hear!