Friday, August 22

A simple lunch at Maxwell Food Centre

... that old fogeys like us would appreciate. 

The standard set-up consisting of ngoh hiang, liver roll, egg slice, tau kwa, fish ball and century egg, as well as fried bee hoon from Hup Kee Wu Xiang Guan Chang 合记五香灌肠.

To be honest, I don't eat wu xiang often to break it down piece by piece for you but I finally realised the thing I have always loved is called an egg slice. Ha! Too bad it was a tad over-fried that day. 

The popiah from Chinatown Popiah had a pallid appearance that didn't inspire much confidence and at $1.20 a roll, I really shouldn't be expecting much. Thankfully, it was pretty tasty and provided a clean breather from the greasy landmine above.

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