Wednesday, August 20

Bites from Alexandra Food Village

I was surprised by the relatively short wait (10 mins?) for Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei at around 11.30am; the soya sauce chicken/ wanton noodle a couple of stalls down had a more consistently long queue. Thick and hearty, it was more of a laksa cum curry noodle concoction - one that we slurped up with much gratification.  

For something more munckin-friendly, KW got this delicious-looking plate of char siew rice from 陈记烧腊 Chen Ji Shao La. I absolutely cannot resist the darkish, caramelised glaze of such char siew! Russell had his way with it before I could snap a picture of it and this sent him into a two-hour nap that most parents would appreciate.

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