Monday, August 18

Saturday Social BBQ, Timbre @ Gillman

One Saturday evening, we decided to take Russell to Timbre's Saturday Social BBQ, which happens every first and third Saturday of the month at their Gillman Barracks branch. The theme for the month of August is 'Pirates' and there were many crafty and energy-draining activities to tire out entertain the little ones.

You could DIY your very own Pirate puppet. Note: Only girls at the artsy and cratsy table.

Or get a temporary tattoo. Note: Only little boys here...

A super talented little girl with the confidence of a seasoned veteran charmed the crowds. 


Though there was a special Saturday Social BBQ menu for the event, we keep things supposedly light with a few finger food options.

Their nachos with beef salsa was serviceable though I thought the melted cheese had a real cheapo aftertaste. I think our standards for nachos has skyrocketed in recent years.


Their baked escargots was a dish I had read about and was looking forward it. Escargots and tomato salsa smothered in mozzarella cheese and garlic butter crust, served with garlic nann slices. Serviceable to not exactly wow-wee.


Mid joints wings marinated in house seasoning, deep fried till golden brown. KW didn't care for the Thai chill sauce but I liked the alternative flavour it provided. Possible the best out of all three items we had that evening. 

I might not have loved the nachos but it found a fan in someone. I should honestly be alarmed by how much corn chips this dude can ingest but oh well, once in a while. 

I just might pop by their Mid-Autumn fest next month but otherwise, find out more about this event from their Facebook page or website here.

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