Monday, July 14

Cupcakes from Chalk Farm, Paragon

I will be honest, I have always wondered how Chalk Farm survives at Paragon. Going by the number of cakes they churn out and on display, I have serious doubts about their sustainability. That said, I do hope their business model is sound because their cupcakes are absolutely scrumptious.

I don't get googly-eyed over cupcakes. I went to New York City for my honeymoon and didn't have a single cupcake. I walked past Magnolia Bakery, bewildered by the queues. In London, I was aghast by the atrocities from Hummingbird Bakery.  Cupcakes? Pffff, give me a lemon curd or strawberry tart any day.

However, for Russell's actual birthday, I decided to get a couple of cupcakes on a whim as I didn't want to get a whole cake. From a cost-benefit point of view, cost was pretty low if the cupcakes turned out to be duds. But these cupcakes didn't land up in the bin but the dark abyss of my fried-chicken-filled stomach. 

My elder sister momentarily shifted her attention from her one-and-only nephew to this uber-moist Red Velvet cupcake that was topped with a luscious cream cheese frosting.  I stabbed my fork into the cupcake, took a bite and said, "Oh wow."

The Macadamia & Salted Caramel was one serious contender for Best Cupcake Around. A forgivably sweet and spongy caramel cupcake crowned with an actually-salty frosting. Seriously good stuffff. 

I won't take back all the things I have said about cupcakes but you could silence me with either one of these from Chalk Farm. 


Bern said...

if you love their cupcakes, u shd try their cakes. i find them even better than their cupcakes. the peanut butter crumb cake is scrumptious.

yixiao said...

Their kueh salat looks amazing! Need to try that soon.