Wednesday, July 16

When Popeye's paid a visit

Back in our household, we have a weird fascination with fried chicken. We fantasize about throwing fried chicken parties, ordering fried chicken delivery... Mind-boggling low-browness that would make one think, Well, why don't you just do it? 

And we did. For Russell's actual birthday dinner. It was really out of convenience since both parents had to work on that weekday and one of us had a teleconference at 6pm. Despite the lack of drama-rama, we, including my elder sister who managed to join us, had alot of low-key greasy-fingers fun. 

The fried chicken definitely delivered on taste and the crunch factor. And I can safely say we more than satisfied our curiosity. 

The biscuits... Oh wow, those were an epiphany! Crusty yet spongy, I could see why more people rave about these more so than the namesake chicken. 

Sad to say but I must, the chicken tenders were a waste of time and stomach space. 

Love the well-seasoned Cajun fries. I would have left them in the oven longer to crisp them up. 

Though a tad watery, the coleslaw was surprisingly palatable, erasing all trace of childhood nightmares induced by KFC. 

We should make fried chicken a tradition for Russell's birthday. I'm just saying...

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