Friday, June 6

Fleetwood Macchiato, Sydney

Sydney's brunch-and-cafe culture is a world of its own down under. I guess we had to visit a hipster cafe at once during this trip and Fleetwood Macchiato was worthy of our hard-earned cash. 

Though it looked every bit your industrial-chicoholic cafe, the offering at Fleetwood Macchiato is definitely more interesting than your average eggs-Benedict and the people running the cafe ooze more personality than a dark-rimmed-specs-wearing barrister.

KW has a cappuccino while I abstained from a third cup of coffee that morning. "Not bad" he commented. You can tell we aren't coffee connoisseurs, huh? 

Caffeine aside, we ate very well. I don't know what it is but even a VEGAN mushroom sandwich gave meaty sandwiches a run for their money. 

Mushroom, miso butter, pickled radish, mesclun

Smashed egg breakfast roll - 2 eggs, tomatoes, smoked chilli, chorizo, pickles, mayo, cucumber and mesclun  

I honestly had no idea you could stuff so much stuff between two slices of bread. But I know very well I could stuff the entire thing into my bully even though this was second breakfast. All hail hobbits!

The requisite egg porn shot

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