Thursday, June 5

Double double at Messina Gelato, Sydney

Yes, I did it. I crossed over to the dark side. And Messina made me do it.

One not-so-merry afternoon in Sydney, in exchange for good behaviour, I bribed a restless toddler with the promise of ice cream. 

It was really just an excuse for us to get some sweet creamy treats in our system. 


Trip #1

SO WRONG ITS RIGHT - cream cheese and caramel gelato smashed with white chocolate potato chips and duck fat, smothered in caramel sauce

GIANDUIA BIANCA - white chocolate & hazelnut gelato with hazelnut praline 

Trip #2

VANILLA MANJAR - vanilla gelato with dulce de leche filled doughnuts and salted roasted almond flakes
BOUNTY - coconut milk gelato with desiccated coconut and chic chip

I would do it again a heartbeat, especially for the aptly-named SO WRONG ITS RIGHT. 

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