Monday, June 9

The weekend we had balls for lunch

It comes as no surprise to me that as I get older, it becomes harder for me to make friends. I'm not talking about heeheehaha sort of people you meet at the coffee shop but friends you would open your home too.

As such, I'm terribly appreciative of my friends and more than happy to have them over just to have an excuse to whip up a meal.

Last (last) weekend, Julie, Chris, Jean and Dave came by for a long-awaited get-together.

KW made some downright delicious garlic and parsley naan. To go with it, I made two dishes - Eggs in purgatory and Meatballs in green curry sauce.

To end off, we polished off mini tubs of Haagen Daaz ice cream that Chris and Julie brought that went perfectly alongside some lychee baby cakes.

Here's to good food and even better company.


muchadoabouteating said...

Your naans look crazy yums

yixiao said...

That just sounds so wrong but it's true! haha