Monday, May 5

May Day brunch at Baker & Cook, Chip Bee Gardens

On our recent trip to Daily Scoop, I noticed the new Baker & Cook and made up my mind to try it as parking is less of (still is, during peak hour) a biatch, compared to Hillcrest Road.

The May Day break presented a opportune time for us to visit and clearly, many thought so too as well. 

The space was bustling but people came in waves and we managed to get an indoor table quite easily. Brownie points for efficient and friendly service

In a pastry tart shell, I really enjoyed the food we had - my point of comparison being the two visits we made to Artisan Boulangerie Co. at Great World City. 

The offerings are a smidgen more unique; they have your usual suspects - smoked salmon quiche, spinach and feta tart etc. - as well as items such as this mighty yums curried egg, bacon and and ricotta pie. 

The pie crust was gloriously thin and buttery, packed with generous fillings. I loved the accompanying pesto pea salad that were crunchier than your usual overcooked mushy peas. 

Another uncommonly seen pie is the lamb rogan josh. It was incredibly flavourful and the tender lamb chunks inside brushed aside memories of those sinewy lamb cubes at Ujong. 

Love love love it! Definitely reminded us of curry puffs - and there were more than a couple of curry puff lovers among us. Hooray for more pesto peas!

The mushroom and bacon tart was really good too. Thinish tart shell, rich bodacious flavours. The accompanying Tuscan Bread Salad took some getting used too (you might want to stay clear of the hardened bread chunks if you have a weak jaw) but it was certainly way more interesting than a mesclun salad.

I stole bites of the scrambled eggs and pancakes that my sister and KH ordered. As you can tell, I prefer brunch options that veer past breakfast options but those scrambled eggs were velvety and creamy.

The pancakes came with caramelised apples compote, Greek yoghurt and reportedly homemade toffee sauce. Now, I hardly get excited by pancakes (I would rather have waffles) but my sister loved them and I trust her feedback. 

My sister got a strawberry cream fruit tart for Russell and he promptly reciprocated the love by picking through all the fruits.

Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

Luckily, his mama is a tart shell person and while she loves her custard, the vanilla-accented strawberry cream was just as lovely.

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