Wednesday, March 19

Sushi Burrito, third time

I was so happy to be back at Sushi Burrito and introducing it to my in-laws who really enjoyed the meal as well. I love going with more people as I can nibble through different rolls instead of committing to one flavour (bor-rrrrring). However, this time round, there were many dishes that were not available and the perenial lack of a weekend crowd worries me.

We shared the Rising Sun, Yummy Belly and Crabby Crunch. Still as good as the previous rounds. I even got to claim my complimentary roll for being such a loyal and greedy customer and we decided to try the Signature Fried Back Roll. 

I will say though that I am not a fan of their Signature Fried Back Roll, a deep-fried roll-up of crab meat, tam ago, assorted greens, tobiko and cheese. Heavy and clumsy, it was the antithesis of their brand promise, which is to offer fresh and healthy feeds. I love my deep-fried food but this felt quite wrong for some reason. 

The yakiniku rice bowl was massive. Massively huge and delicious. I might skip the Yummy Belly roll and order this to get my beef fix the next time round. 

I need to make more friends and drag people down with me. 

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