Friday, March 21

Blondie points i.e. Russell's first day at childcare

If you are allergic to chubby cheeks, I suggest you stop reading right about now. 

Yes, like NOW. 

KW and I took time off work to accompany the munckin for his first day at childcare. Honestly, when I first signed him up for childcare, it was more of a duty to get Russell out of his center-of-everyone's-universe mentality, but nearing D-day, I was feeling really awful about chucking him in childcare. 

I ddin't want to regret not being there for Russell's first day at childcare on my deathbed. Yes, the things that go through my mind on a daily basis is indeed questionable. 

And of course, we needed to take a family selfie as it was the only way to get Russell to smile in pictures. 

I am sure it wasn't pretty while we were away but the teachers seemed comfortable with the situation. Childcare teachers are seriously underrated and underpaid. 

After picking up from preschool, we took the munckin for lunch and coffee (well, peanut butter toast for the little one). 

As you can probably tell, he recovered quickly from the morning's tearful episode. 

I will miss this face. 

It was a really good day in the Land of Parenthood - I don't say this often enough. 

After dropping off Russell at childcare, I went home and felt inspired to bake a batch of coconut blondes for his teachers in school. Knowing what a handful he can be, I am hoping this marks the start of a beautiful relationship between us and his teachers. 

All is fair in love and childcare, I say. 

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