Monday, March 24

Restaurant Week lunch at Olivia Cassivelaun Fancourt (OCF)

This was my first time attending Singapore Restaurant Week because quite frankly, it kinda smells like a scam. Many restaurants dumb down their menus (pasta as a main, really?) and more than half the restaurants are awarded a DiningCity Star that allows them to charge substantially more than the price tag they keep advertising.

However, I decided to take leap of faith after reading about Olivia Cassivelaun Fancourt (OCF) on GNineThree and hearing so much about it from the people around me. My sister promptly joined me for a rather last-minute reservation and we ended up having such a lovely time at OCF.

OCF was one of the restaurants still offering the much-touted "3-course lunch at top restaurants at S$25++, 3-course dinner at top restaurants at S$35++" menus. Although there were add-on costs for certain dishes, I was more than happy to part with my dough. Marketers take heed: Consumers don't mind forking out more, provided it looks as if they have been given options.

Sitting at the counter gave us a great view of the kitchen symphony, which was led by chef Jonathan Koh. Service was efficient and pleasing without being too eager-beaver. 

As soon as I sat down, I immediately noticed the hand-churned butter - being married to a butter lover does that to you - and mentally gave a nod of approval. I precociously slathered it on the chewy sourdough slice that was really good; only the thought of spending an afternoon at the client's office stopped me from going seconds and thirds. 

Eggs on Eggs with Cured Salmon

My sister and I shared all the dishes and she chose an OCF signature dish for her starter.  Lovely and unctuous in a comfort-my-belly kind of way. Think brunch made atas. 

 Hokkaido Sea Scallops, Capellini Pasta, Truffle

For a supplement of $15, I had this awesome scallop carpaccio starter and it was worth every penny. Sweetish scallop carpaccio resting on top of truffle-scented al dente capellini. I was sad to part with it halfway but I had sisterly obligations to fulfil.

Iberian Pork Cheeks, Carrot Puree, Roasting Jus

I am normally not a pork person but I was in the mood for something different and the Iberian pork cheeks were a pleasant surprise. The accompanying carrot puree was ridiculously smooth and rich - I felt like a baby lapping it up for dear life.

U.S Dry Aged Beef, Koshihikari Rice, Garlic Soy Dressing

Thankfully to make up for my loss, the US dry-aged beef was a work of art. Though the Koshihikari Rice was a smidgen too salty, the beef itself was incredible tender and gratifying. Again, totally worth the supplement of $20.

The kitchen was nice enough to accede to my sister's request for a change in dessert. Genoise sponge cake topped with apple spheres and green apple sorbet - I have absolutely not done this dish any justice with this description. Light, refreshing but sweet enough to satisfy, it is safe to say she had a gooood time with this dessert. 

Textures of Valrhona Chocolate

I found great joy in this chocolate dessert platter. Bittersweet, intense with just the right amount of fluff, I could not have asked for a lovelier way to end the meal or wrap up the work week.


GNineThree said...

Ahhh! Glad you enjoyed your meal as much as I did! :D Been totally recommending this gem of a place to everyone I know ;)

P.S. I really regret not requesting for a change in dessert! Your green apple sorbet looks lovely!

yixiao said...

Thanks for the recommendation!