Monday, February 3

CNY 2014 Part 1

Oh my oh my! How was your CNY? 

Mine was a 3-day carnival filled with family, food and more food. I woke up this morning feeling as if I had been steamrolled. It was an awesome festive holiday but I need a break from the er, break.

This year, I tried my hand at making cookies for my in-laws. 

Aesthetically, the consistency left much to be desired but these coffee almond cookies were incredible. 

Along with coffee almond cookies, I also made coconut tuile and rusks. 

Recycling wedding stationary is what I do best. 

For reunion dinner at my parents' place, I made char siew... Love char siew.  

Nothing like a bubbling hot pot to make us feel warm and fuzzy hot and bothered.

A beautiful pot of orchids from my mother-in-law; 
Le Cafe golf ball pineapple tarts (monstrous and overrated) and 
Peony Jade's kueh bulus (good, according to our resident kueh bulu aficionado) from my mum. 

And of course, we had to take a bucketload of pictures on the first day of CNY. 

Because we forgot to do so on day 2. Predictable. 

We squeezed in a selfie five minutes before we left for my in-laws place. 

And the munchkin finally cracks a proper smile...

Hence, we took advantage and snapped away.

Poor munchkin was feeling blah from teething

The best kueh lapis from Aloyah

Flower boy R Us

Food coma

My sister scores and the crowd runs wild

Family portrait


Anonymous said...

Love your dress. What's the brand?

yixiao said...

Hello! My dress is from a random shop in Platinum Mall, Bangkok.

Dumpling Love (@cscc28) said...

The char siew looks great! Happy CNY to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

hi, the cookies look fantasy. any receipes or tips on how not to burnt the surface of the cookies? i m using a conventional oven and the cookies tend to burn on the side. thanks. :)

yixiao said...

Hmmm I can only think of 2 things - the oven was set on grill mode and the temperature is too high. Maybe you can try turning the baking tray midway if the cookies tend to burn on one side. Good luck!