Friday, January 10

The munckin - 18 months

I can't believe it has been 18 months since you've entered our lives. I sometimes forget you are no longer a baby. You are even starting to mimic the people around you - boy, we better watch what we say and do. *Puts away the iPhone*

Sometimes I wish you were a chillax kid who is contented to sit in his stroller and gaze out into the vast amazing world but what we have is a feverishly curious boy who can't wait to be done with his meals so that he can start exploring.

I love how you take a while to warm up to strangers but waste no time in cozying up to felines and furballs.

Do you know I have a few fantasies about you, my first-born?

The first being you would start sleeping through the night after you turn one. Well, we both know that sure as hell didn't happen.

Another fantasy was that your first word would be "Mama." Hmm, the apple (your second word) really doesn't fall far from the tree, methinks. I blame myself for your inherited practicality when the word "aircon" first sprouted from your also-inherited pursed lips.

The third is you would have a birthday party planned around your favourite book. Well, I guess you finally decided to cut your mama some slack here and I have duly informed our close relatives of a seafood fiesta in July.

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Lisa said...

He is so cute. I think you need to buy that bunny as a pet for him.