Monday, January 13

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar, Food Republic

First meal of 2014! Well, technically it was the first dining-out meal of 2014 since I need something in my system within 15 minutes of eating up. *Insert dreamy look*

The Shiok Maki was a decadent scroll of tempura prawn, doused in mayonnaise-dominated sauce. It was undoubtedly tasty, in a very ghetto way. However, I was also relived it was the first dish that arrived as it was serious overkill by the time I scrapped the dish clean.

The Shiok Maki is so decadent and OTT, I feel like breaking out in black talk, yo! It's like meeting a fully made-up girl, complete with falsies and a bodycon dress. Way. Too. Much.

Though you can hardly mess up with the holy trinity of kewpie, tobiko and aburi, the lack of sauce restraint prevents it from being a must-order.

The unjustly named Crappy Maki deserves a much better moniker. We definitely appreciated that it wasn't drenched in a motherload of sauce. The combination of aburi-ed sworddish belly, wakame and crunchy soft shell crab was notches above the signature Shiok Maki.

It was as if someone read our minds and created the Sashimi Jyo, made up of salmon belly, swordfish belly, yellowtail, spot prawn and white tuna. Fresh and pretty good value too, I say.

Though we were reeling from uber-thon of kewpie and the thought of having gindara mentaiko as a takeaway crossed our minds, we polished it off the in approximately four and a half minutes - wasn't looking at the clock though as I was too busy.

Though we were mentaiKO-ed by the end of the meal, there are many promising items (eg Pitan Maki) worth checking out. Yes, you can expect a second visit soon.


muchadoabouteating said...

Hey babe you ate the shiok maki second generation. First generation very shiok also.

yixiao said...

Hmm it's literally too over-the-top for me.