Wednesday, December 25

Xmas 2013 at 76 - Part 1

You know you've lucked out when party planning becomes easier. Not because you are better at it but because the people you invite are just an incredible bunch of people who appreciate whatever you put out for them. 

We don't have a Christmas tree but we have at least four bundles of Christmas lights. So yeah, these lights had to go somewhere. Here we have, the haphazard out-of-the-bed box look. 

True story: I have never believed in Santa Claus and my parents never made up any feefee feel-good story to fool us kids. 

I knew from an early age that you needed to work to earn money for presents; I was a very practical kid. This also explains why we only have two purely decorative things lounging in the living room collecting dust. 

Recycling decor from previous years because dude, Christmas happens once a year and it shouldn't be the season to charge and chuck. 

Our wonderful friends 

who did a good job of entertaining one another 

and drank all our booze. Just kidding. 

Andrew giving us the lowdown on his haircut

KH looking visibly amused and entertained

Our Santa Swap gift exchange got a little aggressive this year - people need to lay off Hunger Games, Vikings and Game of Thrones

My mum felt like a million bucks with her gift and she donated her toilet rolls to me so I feel like a billionaire whenever Nature calls. 

This year's most absurd present is a powerhouse extension cord, courtesy of Zhu. Believe me when I say a few people were eyeing that gift. 

Our pouty munckin

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)

The perfect bib, pout and posse

And because this post is bursting in the seams, more on the food in the next post. 


Anonymous said...

Hello, I really like your dress in the post. Can you share where its from? Thank you :)

yixiao said...

Heyy, thanks! I got it from Terminal 21 in Bangkok. Don't recall the shop name to label though,

Anonymous said...

Hi Yixiao, may I know where you got that rustic looking blackboard from? Thank you!!!

yixiao said...

Hello, I got back at Typo a couple of years ago. Should still be able to find them :)