Monday, December 23

Sushi Burrito, 100AM

I was surprised by how much I liked Sushi Burrito. Coming up from the carpark, I was tempted to make a right turn and head straight to Bar Roque, but thankfully, good sense prevailed and we had an great meal over funky oversized sushi rolls.

Though we were the only customers around during lunch on a Sunday, the food took a good 20 minutes to arrive. Luckily, I could feed the munchkin first or a shrieking toddler plus four hungry adults would have been plain ugly. *Shudder*

There was an obvious wave of "wows" when our grub arrived. The sushi burritos usually come in full or half rolls but there were four of us and we all wanted a bit of everything so the kitchen very kindly sliced the rolls into fours for us.

The rolls were all mighty tasty though they did taste pretty much the same after a while. Incidentally, we each had our favorite child - my sister liked the Flaming Dragon (tuna sashimi and jellyfish), my mum loved the Yummy Belly (beef), while KW went for seconds with the Crabby Crunch (soft shell crab).

I loved the Rising Sun (salmon sashimi and crab meat)! Chunks of raw fish coupled with pickled ginger and cocooned in warm sushi rice. Super duper. 

As you might have noticed, my dad wasn't around so we have to take him there pronto. 

Super fresh chunky salmon sashimi is my go-to, feel-good food. I am easy to please. Not to mention humble and modest.

The ebi tempura, no doubt freshly deep-fried from a frozen pack, was serviceable. At least the batter and prawns were crunchy. Ah crap, I really love prawns so it was hard to find fault with such finger food.

Though it was a leap of faith ordering something with century egg from such an eatery, the Pitan Tofu was pretty good too.

Although it was a mainly self-service set-up, the teenage girl manning the counter was really friendly and accommodating. Service can make or break an experience so thumbs up for the girl who looked like she was having a good time at work. 

The rolls are pretty pricey but it seems really easily to score mini milestones if you go in a group. As you can see, I am thisssss close to a complimentary half roll, so hopefully, it wouldn't take us long to make a return trip.

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