Friday, October 25

Ohana Grill 玉子焼 オハナ, Kawagoe

While in Tokyo, we made a day-trip out to Kawagoe, which is begrudgingly known as “Litte Edo”. I will not go in depth as I was also too lazy getting all camera-trigger happy  busy soaking in the atmosphere , but here are some credible links you can check out:
CNN Travel 
New York Times
Chubby Chinese Girl (not written by me, I swear)

What I will harp on though was our lunch at Ohana Grill.

I admit the queue outside the tiny restaurant caught my eye before any iconic bell tower did.

The restaurant has apparently won accolades for their tamago on national TV, and with just five items on the menu, I knew we were in for a good time.

I knew it was love when I laid eyes on this luminescent oyado-don (I didn’t even feel this way when I first saw the bub - kidding).

Initially I was a little surprised to see a parfait spoon served alongside, but a poke revealed much – chopsticks alone would not have been able to take on the incredible stewiness of this oyako-don.

And it is extremely thoughtful of the restaurant to use a parfait spoon as a spoon with a larger surface area would have caused second to third degree mouth burns.

Gluttony-induced casualties aside, this was one seriously delicious comfort food. Spoonful after spoonful, I felt like a machine programmed to clean out everything in my bowl.

Since Kawagoe is also known for their broiled eel, we also order the unaju-tamago don. While it wasn’t as sensational as the oyako-don, it was a solid rendition nonetheless – KW preferred this as the monotony of the oyako-don got to him after a while.

Well, we had to entertain ourselves during the 20-minute wait...

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