Monday, October 28

Monthly cook-out // October

It might have been a Halloween weekend but the only scary thing was how quickly we polished off every single dish plus an entire cake.

I made a roasted carrot salad with medjool dates, dried persimmons and corn critters. Got to say, this felt more like a nibbly and healthy snack bowl than a salad. 

My sister upped her game with two seafood dishes - a lip-numbing chili clam omelette...

And a seafood cheese souffle. 

Did I mention that she also wanted to do a lamb dish? Yes, she is a crazy good cook (punctuation optional). 

Zhu and TF assembled a whole bunch of cold cuts, pate and rillette. Apart from the salad, I spent alot of time circling this wooden board.

Meet Rachel's hazelnut brown butter cake. It's to die for. Of course, the amount of butter that went into this cake must have been suicidal as well but you only live one and best to pepper it with rich, buttery moments such as these. 

This was hands-down, without a doubt one of the best cakes I've had the utmost pleasure of ingesting this year. It might not look fancy or pretty like a pastry but it tasted like a slice of heaven - a giant financier with buttery-moists inside, finished off with a crusty exterior. 

I stopped myself for going for a third slice - well, I was called out for doing so - but I took comfort in the fact that I am incredibly lucky to have these like-minded kindred souls in my life. Countless scoops of caramel biscuit ice cream helped as well. 

I might be biased but this was my favourite moment of the meal - Russell sharing his love for tablewater crackers with me. 

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floberita said...

awwhh, such a sweet moment of love captured for eternity! u are very blessed indeed :)
that brown butter hazelnut cake looks yummy enough to tempt me to start baking it!