Thursday, August 29

Day 9 - Old Port Lobster Shack (Redwood City)

As I would have been extremely upset if we missed on a lobster roll experience in this part of the world, I consider us to be extremely lucky that we managed to squeeze in a superb meal at Old Port Lobster Shack before our flight back. 

Say "YOLO" to the thickish flavourful New England Clam "Chowdah" and Lobster Bisque. 

Fresh and sweet lobster spilling out of buttered refined carbs. Seriously hardpressed to find anything to nitpick about. 

The tri-tip while tender was pretty dry. Though I have not tried their brisket, I dare say it would be a whole lot tastier. 

A table filled with so much food makes me so happy!

The pulled pork mac and cheese was disappointing though. Pasta was overcooked and the pulled pork was rather bland, despite a heavy drizzle of barbecue sauce.

I'm sad to head home after this final meal - a tiny island where lobster rolls are half the size and double the price. 

Hmm, ran out of words, caught a cold. Later folks!

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