Friday, August 30

Cake Spade, Orchid Hotel Singapore

Ugh, tofu. In a cheesecake. 

I have never held healthy-fied desserts in high regard. It sort of feels like people messing around with  hawker food, you know, downplaying the importance of lard, adding extra and unnecessary kai lan etc. People, it's the sin that makes it taste sooo good, dammit!

Yet, going by the number of times I jabbed at Cake Spade's tofu cheesecake, it was obvious I had forgot my prejudice for low guilt desserts (low guilt doesn't mean no guilt, honey). 

The cakes reminded me of those moreish soya beancurd tarts from Le Cafe and soya bean ice cream from Mr Bean - two soya-based desserts which I enjoy; though I must add I'm not a fan of tau huay

Buttery, fragrant digestive base; clean-tasting beany tofu center and a refreshing fruit jelly topping... I would pick this over a normal cheesecake any day. 

KW doesn't share my adoration for this pretty perfect slice, which is totally fine by me. I have no qualms about digging in on my own - preferably with a spade

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