Wednesday, August 28

Day 8 - Ike's Sandwiches (Cupertino)


The just awakened sleepy head

I miss Ike's Sanwiches. Big time. 

The long and wordy menu plus a hungry lunch crowd made it an overwhelming affair. Next time, I'll order in advance. Yes, there will be a next time.  

If you only have space for one sandwich (and you do need consirable space even for one sandwich), don't miss the Nacho Boy, which comes stuffed with avocado, mushrooms, roast beef and swiss cheese. Sensational. 

The Menage A Trois - roasted chicken, honey mustard and three types of cheeses cheddar  Pepper Jack, and Swiss cheese was featured on 20 Epic SF Sandwiches To Eat Before You Die. It was good but I thought the Nacho Boy was more last-meal-worthy. 

Paul Reubens (note the quizzical sandwich names that make no sense) consisting of French dressing, poppy seed coleslaw, pastrami and Swiss cheese. Don't tell Monsieur and Madame Croque but there could be more to life than a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

The sandwiches were all smooshed together like one big happy family. The sauce that kept it all together was their signature Dirty Sauce and copious amounts of it made the meal a delectably saucey affair. I'm so glad being a mum means I consider wet wipes a part of my arsenal of weapons. 

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zee said...

Drooling as I read this post!

The Paul Reubens particularly drew me in with its purdy colors. COLESLAWWWW mmmm.

I lament the dearth of good sandwich shops in Singapore that serve up beauties like these.