Tuesday, August 20

Day 1 - 3 - Mountain View / Gelato Classico / Taqueria La Bamba / In & Out

Despite sleep deprivation, waking up to the two most important men in my life made me very very happy. 

One of the things I love about California is the abundance of fruits, greens and farmers' markets. 

Every morning, breakfasts would include the season's sweetest produce among many other things. I must have eaten my weight for cherries throughout the entire trip. 

When we had a day to ourselves, KW and I took the munchkin around Palo Alto and Mountain View. 

Move over Zuckerberg, the red riding hoodie is the new black. 

Watching the world go by buoyed by his chubby cheekies. 

A relaxing afternoon would not be complete with a treat from Gelato Classico, which we discovered on our previous trip here. 

A scoop of mocha almond fudge means having to make one less decision about whether to have coffee or ice cream.  

The pork carnitas from Tacqueria La Bamba were a revelation. Think uber crispy roasted pork shredded lovingly by hand. *Grabs some wet wipes*

Our lunch en route to Lake Tahoe the next day. Got to admit I wasn't that impressed by In & Out the last time around but this burger hit the right notes at the right time. Guess hunger truly is the best sauce, after all. 

Animal fries were as usual awesome and my hands were too greasy to reach for the phone. Ha!

We also tried their famed milkshake. Melted ice cream in a cup, it got insufferably tiring to drink through the straw after a while. 


Anonymous said...

What's kw and mini me doing in the first photo??? aiyoooh bubster's chubster cheeks. Shou4 bu4 liao3 le4!!!!

- yf

yixiao said...

Hmm I think they were just rolling out of sleep... Hahaha! Check out the matching 'dos!