Sunday, August 18

Day 0 - The flight / Ocean Blue Sushi Club

We took a 9-day trip to the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe to celebrate my brother-in-law and Sandy's wedding. You might remember they did their Chinese customary banquet back in May so being great outdoor lovers, this was their celebration while the rest of us tagged along for the ride. 

Apologies but I get over the inertia of blogging fatigue and jetlag, a photo dump will do it for now. 

The was the munchkin's maiden voyage on a plane but he was surprisingly - and thankfully - alright for most of the trip 

Sure, he fussed a little but nothing that major that either of us couldn't handle. 

One passenger even commented how well the munchkin was and that his own daughter would not have survived the trip. *Chest swells with pride*

The lamb and chicken satay pre-starter was actually pretty decent.  

When it came to plane food, I broke my stick-to-Asian ritual and got stuck with an overcooked snapper. Thankfully, the free flow of ice cream and chocolate pralines more than made up for this rubbery sadness.

Parts of this trip weren't pretty. I had already warned KW that I might morph into a snarling beast under a full moon in broad daylight. 

Thinking about what to write reminded me I needed to be thankful for the little joyful moments that spring out of seemingly mundane acts.

And of course, all that hard work must lead to this...

I think for this trip, we all got to understand ourselves a little more - and in a few incidents, recognize our triggers and weaknesses. 

The ride might not always be smooth but I know we are a family, and I'll stop at nothing to keep things this way. 

After a long flight, we had Japanese at Ocean Blue Sushi Club ( Jiro might drop dead at the thought of bastardized sushi rolls with names such as Lion King and Firecracker, but they were mighty mighty tasty.

To be honest, I'll probably need another vacation to get one this one but I'm glad we made it back - in pieces that would mend over a few Sushi Tei sessions. 


Yuu said...

Dear YX, welcome home;) can't wait to see your posts on your adventure;)

Michelle said...

welcome back! and im sure ur son will def appreciate the photo visuals when u talk to him about his first trip when he's all grown up. ;)