Friday, July 26

Whampoa Food Street Keng Fish Head Steamboat Eating House, Rangoon Road

Whenever KW asks me what I want for my birthday, I would always have the same reply, "A piece of mind."

No bling or arm candy can top the need for a clear-headed, peaceful soul. But that's just me - a worry wart by nature; luckily, I have a ready-made antidote - meals with my family 

For my birthday meal, I requested for some local fare at Whampoa Food Street Keng Fish Head Steamboat Eating House (116 Rangoon Rd). I heard the place bustles with hungry crowds for dinner but lunch was a remarkably peaceful affair. 

The fish head steamboat was, sadly, quite blah and unremarkable, forgettable compared to the other dishes we had. It was too milky and lacked the robust heady oomph of Whampoa Fish Head Steamboat at Whampoa Market. 

Oh yes, tang oh on the side pleeeeeasee! *hurl* 

I'm convinced that sweet potato leaves only taste good under the stealth strokes of a tze char maestro. Have you tried cooking them at home? They just turn into a sad watery mess. The plate of sambal sweet potatoes, however, was a lean mean fiery machine. 

The seafood tofu was likeable enough but I don't think you will miss out much if you don't order it.  

It's a bird... It's a plane... It's squid-paste-stuffed boneless chicken! Don't worry, it sounds odder than it truly was. Again, pleasing but armed with little star factor. You will love this if you think boneless chicken is as big a deal as seedless grapes. 

I couldn't taste the marmite in the pork ribs but this was a sweet sticky nibbly treat. 

Oh gaw-, this cereal prawn was flipping' awesome! Fresh, bouncy prawns generously (in a Bill-Gates-gives-away-half-his-fortune kind of way) coated with Nestum cereal. 

To top it off, you can order them de-shelled. DE FREAKIN' SHELLED! Yes, with 80% of the work done for you, all you have to do is whisper your belt and channel your inner Karcher hoover. I would totally return just for this dish. 

Is this plate of cereal crumbs suppose to make any sense? Why yes, oh noob-y one. The egg-batter-butter crumbs are so tasty, it deserves a picture of its own. 

As we ordered the set for six, which comes with all the dishes above except the sweet potato leaves, we were each entitled to a dessert of either herbal jelly of mango pudding. I know how ridiculous this sounds but this complimentary dessert was the best mango pudding I've had in a while. 

More often than not, mango pudding tastes like mango-flavoured gelatin drizzled with evaporated milk (gaw-, no...). However, this was clean, refreshing and somewhat grainy; it was almost akin to eating chilled mango purée. 

The much-praised braised pork knuckle was, unfortunately, not ready when we were there for lunch but rest assure, it will be on my to-order-or-die list for my next visit. 


Bern said...

can't understand the fuss abt the steamboat here. the broth really does reek of canned milk doesn't it? coincidentally, I much prefer the cze char here. so much better than their steamboat.

yixiao said...

I also say!